by Andrea Dalpian

2013 - HD - 16/9 - dur. series 6x25'


What happens after a wild animal rescue? Where do foxes, wild boars, deers and other animals injured go? And the lions and tigers, chimpanzees and all the exotic animals that are confiscated at illegal market? This series shows the rehabilitation of animals through the work of volunteers inside a rehabilitation center. From first aid to the hospital, from recovering to liberation. Stories often dramatic, sometimes moving, all looking for a happy ending that would remedy the damage almost always caused by men.



by Andrea Dalpian

2013 - HD - 16/9 - dur. 1x50'


Bologna. The story of the discovery of a painting by Ludovico Carracci which was believed lost for more than two centuries intersects with the meticulous work of a young researcher who, from a few lines of a text at that time, follows the tracks through old documents and archives, until the unexpected finding in an elegant building just few steps from the two towers and above all, always under the eyes of all. In the background some of the most fascinating and hidden views and inside aof the town of Bologna.



by Pierr Nosari and Enrico Fontanelli

2012 - HD - 16/9 - dur. 1x69' - 1x52'


David against Goliath. On one side a small Italian family-owned business, with seven employees, and on the other side the gigantic American Hasbro, second in the world, with more than 4 billion dollars of sales in 2009. In between there's Subbuteo, the legendary table-soccer game which had 10 million excited players in 50 different countries.



by Nico Guidetti and Matthias Durchfeld

2012 - HD - 16/9 - dur. 1x75'



"Here inside there's the story of a war, and inside the story of the war there's the story of a massacre, and inside the story of the massacre there's the story of a trial, and inside the story of the trial there's the story of a button, and the story of the button is what makes you cry." Paolo Nori, writer


by Roberta Ferrari and Nacho Caro

2012 - DVCAM - 16/9 - dur. 1x53'

Loved by reality shows and tourists, Honduras has a crucial political role: it's a green prison.

In the 80s, USA turns Honduras into a control-tower for the Central American liberation movements. The Constitution is enacted by a ruthless oligarchy, still under power of President Zelaya who would like to change it. Without success.


by Andrea Dalpian

2010 - HD - 16/9 - dur. 58'

Two teen-agers. Annapaola says she's racist, Michael has a troubled family and is nearly a school drop-out. Being in the world is not easy for them and the future is unknown and difficult to be deciphered.
Carlo, Simona and Giacomo are social workers.
They take care of Michael, Annapaola and others guys around them, they learn to know them, to win their trust trying to change the things.

Festivals and Awards:
Sustainibility Film Festival - Official Selection

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by Stefano CattiniD

2009 - DVCAM - 16/9 - dur. 80'

The first sound that comes from the large villa is the the nuns’ monotonous singsong. It’s only six a.m. and its low vibration is already filling the old rooms with their high ceilings.The young guests, all children, are sleeping. They are not disturbed by the singsong as their sleep is “noise-proof”.Their small hearing aids are turned off and lined up in an old wooden box. Each one has its own name: Ivan, Noemi, Loriana, Carola...

Festivals and Awards:
Nomination as Best Feature Documentary - David di Donatello 2010 ; Emilio Lopez International Award Festival del documentario d’Abruzzo, Official Selection ; Cezam Prize at Festival del cinema italienne Annecy
Festival del cinema italiano Madrid,Official Selection
; Winner Roshd International Film Festival 2010 (Iran)

Already sold: KTO (France), Estonian Public Broadcasting (Estonia)

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by Tania Pedroni

2009 - HD - 16/9 - dur. 1x52' - 1x62'

Everybody must be beautiful, thin, fit. It seems that everybody has to look like this in the world we live in. Starting a diet is a well-known struggle. But for some people this is an almost impossible or extremely difficult challenge. Some people, in fact, are really far from today’s beauty standards: they are fat, extremely fat. How is living an extra large life in a world that wants you super thin and fit like?

Already sold: RAITRE DOC3 (Italy), Current TV (Italy), YLE (Finland), UR-Swedish Channel (Sweden), Yes-DBS (Israel), SIC (Portugal), Aljazeera (Qatar), Blu-TV (Brazil), CBC (Canada)

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by Enza Negroni

2009 - HD - 16/9 - dur. 1x52'

The wireless pioneer is a documentary on the life of one of the greatest inventors of our time: Guglielmo Marconi. The narrator alternates some chronicles on and anecdotes about Marconi’s life, with the importance of his discoveries which enable us to use mobile phones, remote controls and satellite technology. The blend of theatrical drama, film technique and news reporting shows us a different, unknown and more human side of Guglielmo Marconi, portraying his faults together with his striking and unparalleled genius.

Festivals and Awards: Vedere la Scienza Festival 2010, Milan - X-Science 2010, Genova
Festival del documentario d’Abruzzo Official Selection
, Winner DOCScience 2012 - Rome

Already sold: Citè della Science et de la Technique (France)

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by Patrizia Marani

2009 - DVCAM - 4/3 Letterbox
1x91' - 1x52' - 4x26'

A revolution could be afoot, if only each gardener changed their ways. And Gabriella, a disciple of natural farming, is trying to make this happen. By creating a sanctuary of rare and extinct plants, 80% of which is made up of native vegetation, by giving indigenous plants the same status as cultivated ones, she returns each and every single blade of grass, leaf or plant to the soil itself. Gabriella teaches her techniques and vision to visitors from all over the world and carries out a tenacious struggle for biodiversity conservation and thousands of gardeners’ “conversion” to natural gardening.

Festivals and Awards:
Bioversity International Prize 2010, Rome
Environmental Film Festival Official Selection, Turin 2010 ; Winner Scanno Film festival 2011 (Italy)

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by Maria Martinelli
and Simona Cocozza

2009 - DVCAM - 4/3 Letterbox
1x80' - 1x52'

Daniela and Marica live together since three years and they are in love. Daniela and Marica chose to be clear and true about their sexuality without hiding anything. Daniela and Marica want a baby.
Over the Rainbow narrates the conflicts, disappointments and hopes of an Italian lesbian couple that doesn’t hide and claims the desire of maternity, in a forced trip abroad for reaching their dream.
This documentary tells the story of Daniela and Marica during the seven months before their trip to Copenhagen for the artifical insemination at the “Nina Stork” clinic. It narrates how their parents, collegues and friends react to their decision to have a baby.

Festivals and Awards:
Oltre la differenza, Rome 2009 - Doc in Tour 2010 - Naple Film Festival 2010
Already sold: RAITRE DOC3 (Italia), Current TV (Italia)

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by Danilo Caracciolo
and Roberto Montanari

2008 - DVCAM - 16/9 - dur. 27'

Sergio Govoni (Sergov), for self-definition craftsman and not artist, talks about himself. With irony and poetry his memories emerge, from family to prison in Germany, which will give him artistically importance, until the isolation from a world in which no longer recognizes himself. Carver raised in a family of cabinet makers, he says "my palette is wood!" It was, in fact, a unique example of "painting inlaid". After 60 years of persistent attempts by the various mayors of Bologna city, he manages to fulfill his greatest dream: to give the more than 150 works, that he never wanted to sell, to the children of Bologna.

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by Maria Martinelli

2007 - DVCAM - 4/3 Letterbox
1x90' - 2x50'

The documentary talks about a whole female company of the Italian Army during the training course. A very closed strictly-regulated world where 18-25 girls have to find their way to be women and soldier at the same time. A deep immersion into the military world, where, after the first steps, not all the girls decide to stay. Only staying and after ten weeks of training they can become soldiers and say “I swear”.

Festivalls and Awards:
Doc in Tour 2009
Already sold: RAITRE DOC3 (Italy), Current TV (Italy)


by Maria Martinelli

2006 - DVCAM - 4/3 Letterbox
1x90' - 1x52' - 6X25'

Escaping Love narrates the lives of a selected numbers of singles that, with thousands of contradictions, try to find their kindred spirits. Silvana, the head of the wedding agency “Friendship&Love” is the Cupido that crosses the destinies of the members of the agency creating ironic and funny moments, but also very sad at the same time. In the serie format the narration is divided in six chapters of 25 minutes with different definitions of love.

Already sold: FOXlife (Italy), TSI (Switzerland), Ceska Televize (Ceska Repulic).

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by SS-Sunda

2005/2007 - DVCAM /16mm
1x73' - 1x52'

After forty years since its birth - this the true story of SADISTIK (aka: KILLING), the most censored sexy-noir-splatter photo novel in the world, through the witnessing of editorial staff and the leading actors, and the comments of a number of film and comic proffesionals. The documentary also shows some 8mm clips shot in 1966 in the publishing house, and some 16mm new-shot featuring SADISTIK.

Festivals and Awards:
Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest - Bizzarro Film Festival 2008 - ROMA 3 Film Festival 2008 PesarHorrorFest 2008 - Suburbia! Festival 2008

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by Bruno Bigoni

2006 - DV - 4/3 Letterbox 1x60'

Mara and Silvia’s story began over twenty years ago. In the beginning there was him and her.
Two young people that met, fell in love, decided to get married and have children.
An everyday story but which began to change over the course of time.
Seven years ago, he became a she: Mara.
Feeling like a woman became a priority, and a necessity he couldn’t do without.
A story of changement not only for one person, but also for his/her family at all.

Already sold: TSI (Switzerland), CULT (Italy)

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