Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”. Buddha Siddhārtha Gautama

One aspect that distinguishes us within the international circuit, is ultimately, the determination not to pursue the little eclectic and traditional distribution schemes for the circulation of our work. Every one of our productions, follows a specific distribution, structured on the basis of what is closest to its characteristics.

So, every time one is released on the market: it’s accompanied by the same love, the same care, and the same attention, we use in all stages of development and implementation of our products. We follow the production and distribution process from start to finish, and we use a good dose of creativity to think in an alternative manner for the distribution phase.

For us, this means working with passion, because we involve ourselves, always; one hundred percent. This conviction for us, has a meaning, it transmits and represents a value that mustn’t be lost, because every production has its own beauty, a soul, that makes it unique and unrepeatable.

Therefore, it’s no suprise, infact, that we are the ones to select the distribution channels; that we believe retain quality. We work with enlightened small cinema operators with whom we have established a good relationship; built on mutual trust. In this way, it’s no wonder that they are important partners, that get passionate about our work and invest in our ambitious projects.

For us, it’s impossible to imagine that every project should follow the same procedures, because the recipients and the public are people; with a precise image and with different characteristics. We get in contact directly with the audience, and we create our audience; even when our work is seen on TV. We initiate media targeted campaigns across all platforms: from print, to web and social channels.

It has proved to be crucial, the importance of our distribution networks: cinema circuits, television, publishing and web. We have carefully built strong relationships over time, with our partners.

The distribution process at POPCult, is a matter of style and customization. Each production has its own life, and it’s our duty to understand how to enhance it.


Bookshop distribution

The documentary Subbuteopia was distributed in leading Italian bookshops by the publishing house FAG in Milan, attached is  “The Subbuteo manual ” that we helped to make.

Newsagent distribution

The documentary film- Il violino di Cervarolo, (The Violin of Cervarolo) to cite another example: was shown in Germany, in major German cities with the help of The Historical Institute of The Resistance of Reggio Emilia; and was distributed as an attachment with the Parma and Reggio official gazette newspaper.

On-line distribution

The documentary 1 mappa per 2 (1 map for 2) was considered a true cinematic event. Thanks to its widespread distribution, and its accumulated mass independent screenings at various venues. Widespread distribution networks were used: including cinemas, exclusive clubs, independent circuits in Emilia Romagna and in the rest of Italy. It also became available online, on Mototurismo the media partner of the project.