Publicity e commercials

POPCult doesn’t make company publicity commercials or corporate videos, but it intervenes with a creative process that attracts new additional elements rather than those more traditional methods of self promotion.

  • For example, we developed for Ducati, a mini doc on the web that tells the origins of the Scrambler, during the campaign launch of the vehicle. The Minidoc whose protagonists Tartarini and Monetti, are the same as the for the film: 1 Mappa per 2 (1 Map for 2), also produced by POPCult and distributed in cinemas with an independent manner of success, it fitted in perfectly with the Ducati Scrambler campaign. It expressed through a “hybrid” form, somewhere between a documentary and a commercial; the same significant values for the company ​​and the product, adding precious and unique information about its history and its origins. Ducati requested us to develop important content for their new campaign launch in line with the film: 1 Mappa per 2 (1 Map for 2), which shares a close relationship with the Ducati company, because it recounts the world tour of 1957, with Tartarini and Monetti on two 175cc Ducati bikes. The result is a spin off from the film, it captures the same public and is able to increase the results of the new Ducati Scrambler campaign launch, with an innovative promotional web documentary at the same time.
  • Another new and alternative way of providing publicity and commercials was when Mondadori asked us to work on: The School Book Project for the More Web campaign in 2011. We were asked to produce for multimedia book sellers, a tutorial that could inform them about the potential of the product, and how by telling a story using fun and dynamics; could make them personally involved with style and irony. This is the result…