“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible”. Maurits Escher

International vocation

Over the years, we have created together with our international partners: a kind of big network composed mainly of young professionals, up to date with new technology and the marketplace, who are always ready to face new productive and creative challenges.

How it works

From the very start of any project, we immediately involve our national and international contacts; and together with them, we design both the development and the construction of the project. Working daily with distributors, television, co-producers, agents, and every other piece of the production and international distribution, we have become over the years, a good benchmark for audiovisuals both in Italy and abroad. We are trusted partners for those investing in quality projects in Italy..

Our work, therefore, has from the beginning an Italian DNA, and an international one because it competes in global markets and is joined to the entire panorama of worldwide production and distribution.

POPCult productions have been sold and distributed in many foreign countries, such as: Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France, Czech Republic, Qatar, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Estonia, and The USA. They have also been selected in major festivals, and have won numerous awards and special mentions.

The experience gained in the field means a great deal to us, and we make use of this every day in our productions; despite all the challenges that we inevitably face.

We like to be leading, out in front when it comes to representing Italian creative documentaries in the world.

Being present in key international markets such as: the Sunny Side of the Doc, (France); MIPTV, (France); IDFA, (Holland); Hot Docs, (Canada); Latin Side of the Doc, (Argentina). Means that for us, we are an active part of the worldwide cinema and television market.

We have built co-productions and joint venture partners, with significance and relevance; selecting those who are close to our approach of story telling. Incredible synergies have been created, thanks to this relationship of mutual trust and collaboration.

Only in this way, was it possible to produce quality projects; appreciated by critics and audiences alike.

Within this strong network of professionals from Italy and around the world, we have a role at the forefront; in which the image that perhaps best represents us, is as a “bridge”; which by its nature connects and unites.