Why documentaries?

There are stories that cannot be hidden or untold, stories that must be shown to the world without fiction or filters. These are stories that exude poetry and seen through the lens, entices our curiosity and creativity right in front of our eyes. At this point, this is where we leap into action: with skilled passion, we begin our careful and meticulous work, exploring them, until they shape up to be what we consider pop-creative documentaries.  Inside them are our souls, and our story telling style can be recognized.
Many of the documentaries that we produce are observation documentaries, the viewer watching them can discover another reality; that otherwise could never be accessed.

Visually you have the impression of entering into direct contact with unknown worlds that are shown through the discreet eyes of our cameras. The reality we live in, is made up of infinite worlds and we like to explore their every facet. We are not interested in examining the exterior, we want to dig deep, deep enough  to trigger the mysterious correspondence between us, and the stories we tell. With soul and with passion. Today, just as we have done from the very first day.

POPCult’s productions have reached a vast international television audience, and have also reached audiences worldwide at Arthouse cinemas circuits.