This mode originated from the way we use different production methods on the market, it has allowed us to adopt the same alternative mechanisms also in the production of high quality author’s animated shorts.

Our animated creations are differentiated for their strong cultural and creative values; they aim to break new ground in authors’ experimental work. Long periods of research are needed before reaching a definite aesthetic look. The techniques used, have led to an innovative style and have allowed the creation of similar forms. One of them, is similar to that of graphic novels; from refined artistic illustrations and detailed features, they are designed for those who love experimentation and creativity.

Just as a painter, stroke by stroke composes his pictures, in the same way our team frame by frame, create the extraordinary and unlimitless canvases of graphic animation.

Also with respect to content, it’s kept in a precise authorial line, corresponding to the issues and we propose alternatives that denote originality in structure and meaning.